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Fields and more fields – Rich Mitch Cyclo-Cross Diaries part 2

Anyway, enough of this maudlin talk (although if you’ve tuned in to revel in my latest disappointment, see below or click the link above if it appears…).  My friend Rich Mitch, a man for whom the expression ‘sunny disposition’ could … Continue reading

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Mountbatten Misery (AKA The painful parable of a Pompey pasting)

I guess that screws my chances of a Hollywood adaptation. That is, unless the Dream Factory has suddenly eschewed happy endings in favour of crushing disappointments.  Seems unlikely. You’ll have gathered that I didn’t win the Omega Points Chaser Circuits … Continue reading

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Tick tock… tick tock

“Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day You fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way.” How long is this week taking to get through.  It feels like purgatory.  Hardly a moment of my waking day … Continue reading

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Chain’s as good as a rest…

“All day long they work so hard Till the sun is goin’ down Working on the highways and byways And wearing, wearing a frown You hear them moanin’ their lives away Then you hear somebody sa-ay That’s the sound of … Continue reading

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